InVivage study with Melbourne Dental School published in Frontiers of Oncology

Invivage Frontiers in Oncology edm

We are pleased to advise a study from of our clinical research partnership with the Melbourne Dental School has been published in Frontiers in Oncology this week.

The publication titled "Acquisition and Annotation in High-Resolution In Vivo Digital Biopsy by Confocal Microscopy for Diagnosis in Oral Precancer and Cancer", is funded from the BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) program, an initiative of the Medical Research Future Fund (MFRR) operated by MTPConnect.

Exploring the application of InVivage® technology for conducting digital biopsies in 71 patients with oral mucosal abnormalities, the publication presents a successful qualitative demonstration of acquiring and annotating cellular-level images using 3 topical agents, including Fluorescein, and the utility of InVivage® in detecting and differentiating between normal and diseased oral mucosal tissues.

Frontiers in Oncology is an open-access journal dedicated to publishing the most significant advancements across the entire spectrum of oncology. Offering an impressive Web of Science Group impact factor of 6.24, it is positioned among the top 5% of journals worldwide.

Read the paper here