See Life Connected

ViewnVivo® offers single-cell level live imaging, providing unique biological system insights and enabling users to see life connected. Developed with our patented confocal imaging technology, ViewnVivo® is a miniaturised in vivo imaging device that offers single-cell 3D live microscopic imaging in the palm of your hand.

Designed specifically for life sciences, pre-clinical and translational research, ViewnVivo® enables users to see systems biology in harmony, maintaining key cell structures, biological systems and cell-to-cell interactions to provide valuable translational results to accelerate drug discovery or unlock new study possibilities.

Why Choose ViewnVivo®?

Superb resolution
Using a distal end single scanning fibre rather than a proximally placed scanning fibre bundle provides unmatched lateral and axial resolution. The single fibre eliminates dead spaces and broken fibres, delivering high sensitivity and long lifespan.
Never miss an image
The ViewnVivo® imaging software includes an Image Rollback function. Users can select and save images from up to 60 memory held frames. Individual images or image selections can be saved or made into movie files.
Longitudinal studies
High level disinfection and sterilisation options provide a cost-effective, practical way to enable longitudinal studies on the same subject, as well as the ability to image cell cultures and other samples where sterility is required.
Long-life probes
ViewnVivo® probes are not a consumable item and will retain their imaging quality through years of operation and hundreds of procedures.
Precise control in the Z-dimension
ViewnVivo® reports the position of the focal plane with micron accuracy. The imaging software provides an intuitive interface to set and collect Z-Stacks. This data can be turned into movies or ported into Fiji for processing.
Image from any angle
The handheld flexible probe allows the user access to previously inaccessible samples.

ViewnVivo® Benefits:

Slide-free and biopsy free Users can generate images at the single-cell level, in real-time.
Viewing live biological systems in-vivo at the cellular level in their entirety Not achievable through other imaging techniques.
Non-destructive Image creation is non-destructive to the tissue of interest.
Portable Easy to work on live tissues.
Image depth variation Unique ability to vary image depth in the Z-Axis: up to 400 microns (tissue dependent).
Zero cost image acquisition Just staining cost required.
Post-processing versatility Images can be easily post-processed to produce a range of presentations (incl 3D).

Potential Applications:

Cancer research
  • Tumour development / regression
  • Metastasis
  • Tumour detection / diagnosis
  • Border demarcation
Tissue regeneration
  • Stem cell research
  • Tissue engineering
  • Scaffold imaging
  • Tissue rejection
Cell tracking
  • Stem cell research
  • Inflammatory responses
  • Cell-cell & cell-tissue interactions
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Photosensitiser distribution
  • PDT response
  • Lesion detection & identification (PDD)
Infection & treatment
  • Tissue microflora & microbicide response
  • Drug delivery & pharmacokinetics
  • Tissue response
  • Acute lung injury & animal models
  • Liver disease models
  • Morphological changes in disease
Animal models
  • Tissue injury & disease
Microvascular research
  • Acute lung injury & animal models
  • Liver disease models
  • Morphological changes in disease
Molecular Imaging
  • Receptor labelling
  • Protein expression profiling
  • Transgenic animals
    (eg GFP/YFP)